What would cause a pilot light to go out on a furnace

  • Check out this infographic for a quick overview of some of the common culprits of these unusual sounds. Below, we’ve outlined five furnace noises you shouldn’t ignore. Warning Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair. Noises are usually an indication that your furnace needs routine maintenance or repair.
A gas furnace pilot light is a continuously burning flame. Its main function is to ignite the burners when the furnace is called upon for heat. The thermocouple assists with furnace operation by monitoring the presence of the flame, and turning off the gas supply to the pilot light if it should become extinguished or becomes weak.

Problematic Thermocouple. If a gas fireplace pilot light goes out, problems with the thermocouple might be the cause.A thermocouple is a component of a gas furnace that you can find near the pilot light. The thermocouple is meant to stop the gas in the case if the electric igniter fails or if the pilot light goes out.

Jan 07, 2011 · The pilot light keeps going out while the burners are already lit causing the furnace to shut down. We have already replaced the thermocouple and the gas valve. read more
  • the pilot light goes out unexpectedly, or ‘pops’ or ‘bangs’ when lighting. there are signs of heat damage such as discoloration of the walls or heater panels. the walls become too hot to touch while the heater is on. there are soot stains around the heater. immediately if there is any sign of trouble.
  • The light goes out due to improper venting or air supply Most of the time improper venting would cause the pilot outage on direct vent gas water heaters (DV). Down-draft from the ceiling fan, draft at the bottom of the unit, or high winds are also common reasons when the pilot would go out.
  • The pilot light is the tiny, gas flame that is responsible for providing power to your gas hot water heater. If the pilot light on your water heater keeps going out, then you can expect no hot water for your household. This is why when your hot water heater pilot light keeps going out, you should fix it right away.

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    The following are some parts that can cause the battery/check charging system warning light to come on. Alternator issues - Many times, the alternator is the root of the problem when your check charging system/battery light comes on.

    If the burners are igniting and then going out right away, the most common cause of this would be that the flame sensor rod needs cleaned. It is just a little rod that sticks out into the flame, shut off power to your furnace and gently scrape or sand it, then turn the furnace back on and you should be good.

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    In order to work out how much it is costing you, the first thing to do is to convert the cubic metres into kilowatt-hours. The easiest way to do so is to multiply that number by 9.9. So a pilot light uses anywhere from 594 (for 60 m³) up to 2475 kWh/year (for 250 m³).

    Dec 24, 2017 · Posted: Sun Dec 24, 2017 8:45 am Post subject: Re: Shop Furnace pilot light going out: I had that problem with the furnace pilot light in our r/v. Changed the thermocouple and it was fine. I think it was about $10. And easy to change. As others say try cleaning first or adjust the flame to hit the thermocouple better.

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    Feb 14, 2014 · Check and clean the end of the pilot light, residue will build up on these and cause it not to light or go out. (same for gas stoves as well) 2. Check the regulator, sometimes you have to push down the red button and hold it to activate the gas, if you don't do this long enough the gas will go out after a brief period. 3.

    Down Drafts Causing Pilot Light to Go Out. If your furnace vents through a chimney, always check first for the potential of a down draft causing the light to go out. This could happen if the light tends to go out on windy days. The chimney design could also be causing the problem.

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    Dec 24, 2017 · I'm having an issue with the furnace in my shop and when it's cold I may not go out there for several days at a time. Once in a while the pilot light in the furnace will go out, thermostat is telling the furnace to turn on the heat which turns on the blower but with the pilot out it never warms up the shop enough to turn the furnace off.

    In This HVAC Training Video, I Show UP CLOSE How the Thermocouple, Pilot Light, and Gas Valve Work on a Water Heater, Furnace, Fireplace, as well as other Ap...

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    Gas Control is operating normally. Pilot flame may not be present. Check for pilot flame through sight glass and light if necessary. 1. Gas Control is functioning normally. 2. Gas Control is not powered. Light pilot. 3. Thermopile failure. One flash and three second pause: If set point knob is in “PILOT” position then pilot flame is detected.

    Apr 24, 2019 · The pilot light in your gas furnace supplies heat to your home. An operational pilot light in your furnace means safety from the possibility of a gas leak. If the pilot light will not stay lit, it needs to be fixed ASAP to supply heat to your home...

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    Nov 14, 2013 · When the electricity is restored to your home, the electrical grid may have some power fluctuations that could damage the electrical components of the furnace. Other sensitive appliances and electronics should be unplugged as well. It is safe to leave a light in the “on” position so that you will know when power is restored.

    The problem with the rotten egg smell in your home is that it could cause an explosion or fire in your house since you have gas in the air. If you’re near the furnace, go ahead and turn it off as soon as possible and open up windows to allow clean air flow. Next, you need to leave your home and call the gas company for service.

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    Jul 09, 2008 · "If the light keeps going out after you take these precautions, perhaps there's a fan in the attic that's blowing it out. Water-heater manufacturers typically recommend not placing a water heater in an attic where there is any sort of power ventilation, including gable fans, power roof vents, and whole-house fans.

    Apr 25, 2020 · Once the gas has had time to dissipate, turn the knob to 'Pilot.' Then, hold down the 'Reset' button and bring the flame of a long lighter close to the pilot light opening. This should light the furnace pilot light. Once you are sure the pilot light is on, release your pressure on the reset button.

Furnace Pilot Light Troubleshooting. Any gas furnace uses a pilot light to trigger the burners to heat your home. The pilot light is a small flame that is either lit manually and remains burning ...
Oct 21, 2012 · If your pilot light ignites but won’t stay lit, then the problem is most likely related to your thermocouple, a metal sensor (about the size and shape of a sharpened pencil) that heats up by direct contact with the pilot light’s flame, telling your gas valve that the pilot light is lit so it’s safe to open the valve to let gas flow.
Been having an issue with my shop furnace this winter, going out to the shop and finding the pilot light out. It's an older ceiling mount shop heater that is running off propane. Relight the pilot and all seems fine for a few days. This morning I discovered why the pilot was going out and it about scared me to death.
Jan 14, 2009 · Another reason the pilot might be blowing out is it might be slighty blocked with soot. Turn the gas off and use a dry clean tooth brush and buff the top of the pilot light then blow off the...